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Queensland Resources Council
Economic Contribution

Since opening this page, the Queensland resources sector has generated the following contribution to the state's economy


Did You Know?

Queensland's recoverable mineral and energy resources include coal, gold, lead, copper, zinc, silver, nickel, tin, bauxite, uranium, industrial minerals, oil and gas. The state's energy sector harnesses resources to produce electricity and other energy products.

Minerals processing is also important to Queensland, with major facilities in Mount Isa, Townsville and Gladstone.

Queensland is the world’s largest exporter of seaborne coal Coking coal used in steelmaking represents 60 percent of Queensland's coal exports,...

Coal seam gas
CSG is around 95‐97% pure methane, which is a greenhouse gas formed millions of years ago as part of the burial of peat to form coal. The...

Metallic minerals
Queensland leads Australia in the production of base metals, including copper, lead and zinc. Base metals production is a key component of the...

Industrial minerals
Queensland produces minerals used in a host of industrial applications. Phosphate from Phosphate Hill, 135km south-east of Mount Isa is used for...

Power station cooling towers

The primary sources of energy used today are fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. The chemical energy stored in these fuels can be converted into...

Careers/Job Links
There is a wide variety of jobs available in the minerals and energy resources sector. As the sector has become a sophisticated high-tech...


Salaries in the resources sector
Did you know that a graduate mining engineer can earn up to $90,000 in their first year out of uni?

QRC scholarship ambassadors

QRC scholarships
Applications for the 2015 Minesite Rehabilitation Scholarships will open in September 2014 The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) supports...