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Leaders must reject attack on coal industry

The Queensland Resources Council is calling on Premier Anna Bligh and LNP leader Campbell Newman to publicly condemn an environment lobby plan to sabotage the state’s leading export industry.

Following media reports this morning, Greenpeace has confirmed its leadership of a coalition of international and local environment lobby groups planning to systematically disrupt and delay the Australian coal industry through legal actions and by manipulating community groups.

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Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Michael Roche said the anti-coal strategy was not only an assault on Queensland’s leading export industry but also part of a worrying anti-development agenda with potential funding from overseas and domestic ‘charitable’ institutions.

‘In Queensland right now, we have $52.55 billion worth of major coal mining and coal infrastructure projects either committed or under consideration,’ Mr Roche said.

‘This is an industry worth $26.5 billion to Queensland this year and directly and indirectly it provides employment for hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders.

‘The current and future royalties generated by the coal industry are allowing both Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman to make significant new commitments to Queensland taxpayers during the election campaign.

‘It’s time we heard very loudly and clearly from our political leaders over this attempt to hijack the state’s economy,’ he said.

Mr Roche said another alarming aspect of the anti-coal movement strategy was the involvement of government-funded agencies such as the Queensland Environmental Defenders Office.

‘Resource sector developers acknowledge the vital role of independent merit-based assessments under the state’s EIS process, but will have every right to question whether the groups behind this anti-coal campaign are pro-environment or anti-Queensland business,’ Mr Roche said.

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