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Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone

Introduction to QRC submission:

2 April 2013

The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is unquestionably one of the most important features of Australia’s biodiversity, as evidenced by its World Heritage listing through the recognition of its outstanding universal values.

The resources sector has a very strong social licence to operate interest in preserving the biodiversity of the iconic GBR and our industry recognises that the health of both the reef and the resources sector are intertwined.

The review into the management arrangements of Gladstone Harbour is a welcome opportunity to look at current and proposed development, the economic benefits that they are already providing and the safety and environmental regulations that are currently helping to protect the reef and more broadly the GBR World Heritage Area.

QRC’s fundamental position in relation to the GBR and industry is that there needs to be a focus on a risk management approach and on the activities that actually impact on the reef, rather than populist or emotive reactions to interest group and media commentary. The fulfilment of (legal and ethical) obligations and transparent presentation of factual scientific information by industry, governments and the community is essential if this is to occur.

Ultimately, the Port of Gladstone is the largest multi-cargo port in Queensland in terms of tonnage, and the fourth largest in Australia. It is the major bulk commodity port and future Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) hub of Queensland. It also caters to all forms of container and general cargoes. Recognition of the Port of Gladstone’s intrinsic value to the prosperity of Queensland and its citizens is vital in undertaking this review.

Media contact: Jim Devine (07) 3295 9560