Budget back in black: $7.1 billion surplus brought to you by Queensland coal

3 April 2019

Media statement from QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane

The budget calls out the importance of a strong economy.
Strong global demand for Queensland’s high quality resources has enabled the industry to get on with creating jobs – more than one new job an hour for the entire year. 
These are high-tech jobs for the future.
These resource jobs deliver prosperity, security and resilience for Queensland’s resource communities.
As a major employer in regional areas, Queensland’s resource industry stands ready to work with Governments in delivering skills for today and tomorrow.
The outlook for Queensland remains strong, as growth in our major trading partners continues to outpace global growth.  
Queensland is supplying the building blocks of economic growth to the fast growing economies who are our regional neighbours.  
It’s important to note that this growth includes the important opportunities that will come from the rapid growth of renewable energy as well as the steady demand for Queensland’s traditional energy sources like gas and coal.

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