Land Court ruling on New Hope's New Acland mine expansion

8 November 2018

Statement by Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the Land Court’s decision on New Hope’s New Acland Stage 3 mine expansion near Toowoomba.

The ruling will be welcome news for the people of Oakey and the Darling Downs whose future livelihoods would have been in jeopardy with resources depleting.

The New Hope mine is one of the region’s most significant employers and one of the most important economic contributors for the Darling Downs.

This is new hope for New Hope and the 3,000 workers who rely on the Acland Coal Mine for their living either directly or indirectly.

With the expansion, the mine will be able to produce 7.5 million tonnes of coal per annum for 12 years, providing more jobs, more economic opportunity and more revenue for every tier of Government. Construction of the mine would be over a three-year period and the mine would operate until 2031.

In terms of direct employment, with the expansion the mine will employ 726 staff and contractors in 2025; without the expansion it would employ only 35.

The Queensland Government will now make its final decision on the approval of New Acland Stage 3.

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