Resources sector welcomes 5 millionth Queenslander

16 May 2018

Statement by Ian Macfarlane, Chief Executive

On behalf of the State’s resources industry, I welcome the arrival of the five millionth Queenslander and reaffirm the sector’s support for all Queenslanders.

The resources industry has been a constant contributor in the development of Queensland as a decentralised State and an economic powerhouse exporting to the world.

As our State’s population reaches this milestone, the Queensland resources sector is providing:

  1. $11,029 for every man, woman and child living in Queensland in direct and indirect contribution to the State’s economy of $55.1 billion in 2016-17, including royalties paid to the State Government to reinvest in infrastructure and services;
  2. $11,240 for every man, woman and child living in Queensland in export sales, with $56.2 billion in mining commodities accounting for almost 80% of the State’s merchandise good sales overseas in the last 12 months;
  3. one in every eight jobs in Queensland with 38,000 full-time equivalent directly employed with a total of 280,000 jobs supported across the State including 120,000 or 11% of the Brisbane workforce.  In terms of the employment of Indigenous Australians, the resources sector has reached parity with the population. Indigenous Queenslanders make up 4 percent of our population and 4 percent of our sector’s workforce;
  4. globally Queensland is in the top five source for coking coal for steelmaking and manufacture (1st), lead (2nd), bauxite (3rd), zinc (3rd) and silver (5th), and is supporting Australia become the world’s second largest LNG exporter; and
  5. all resource sector operations are on a total of 0.1% of Queensland’s land area.

Click here to view a short video outlining the resources sector contribution to Queensland.

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