Skills for Queensland strategy is good work for jobs: QRC

5 August 2019

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the Palaszczuk Government’s Skills for Queensland Strategy as a targeted plan to deliver skills to support the sector’s current and future growth. 

QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said the QRC welcomed the strategy’s multiple initiatives, from schools to workplaces, to boost the development of skills so critical to the resources sector’s critical contribution to the Queensland economy. 

“QRC has had the opportunity to work with Employment Minister Shannon Fentiman and her Department on the Government’s agenda for skills and apprenticeships.  The Skills for Queensland strategy picks up on a number of recommendations that QRC has made on behalf of our member companies and the wider resources sector,” he said. 

“The resources sector supports more than 316,000 Queenslanders in employment.  One in eight jobs in Queensland are supported by the resources sector.” 

“The ongoing prosperity and future development of the resources sector and the economic contribution to Queensland – through more jobs, more exports and more royalties – depends on pipeline of skilled labour.” 

Mr Macfarlane said QRC welcomed the strategy’s commitment to:

    launch a micro-credentialing pilot to support students, workers and new entrants to skills, upskill and reskill with QRC looking to focus this initiative on emerging jobs in automation and other associated areas, including remote operations centres.  

    establish a New Regional Jobs Committees to identify trends and opportunities and deliver place-based solutions; and

    expand Gateway to Industry Schools Program, which QRC participates in through the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy that operates in 60 schools with plans to grow to 100 schools with support of QRC member companies.

Mr Macfarlane said QRC would welcome the opportunity to continue to work with the Minister and the Government on the strategy and supports the formation of a Ministerial Skills Roundtable and biannual regional skills and jobs summits to better inform government planning.

Media contact: Anthony Donaghy 0412 450 360