Environmental Offset Solutions Pty Ltd T/A earthtrade

Earthtrade is the leading environmental offsets solutions specialist in Australia.  Assisting both landholders (offset providers) and developers,

Earthtrade provides brokering and management solutions for:

  • Offsets required by Australian, State and local governments to meet approval conditions
  • Legally binding mechanisms on title to secure offsets
  • Management Plans for offset areas
  • Project design of offsets in consideration of other options for use of the property
  • Consideration of risk in strategy development
  • Facilitation of financial contracts
  • Structure of financial solutions
  • Structure of multi-party offset solutions
  • Offset property management solutions
  • Oversight of offset implementation
  • Offset compliance

Contact details

PO Box 1069, Hervey Bay  Qld  4655

P  07 4194 5009