The Institute for Drone Technology

The Institute for Drone Technology helps organisations integrate drone technology through consulting, training and management platforms.  We develop corporate policy, drone strategy and implementation programs for enterprise to leverage the opportunity that drones present to deliver strong ROI, increased safety, and opportunities for competitive advantage. Being agnostic to brands, with connections right across the drone industry, we can assist organisations to establish and grow a drone technology capability.

We have been working in mining for nearly three years and have delivered services to mining industry clients across Australia.

We are a Registered Training Organisation (No. 451810 and a Civil Aviation Safety Authority accredited Training Provider.

Key services include:


Consulting in the safe and effective integration of drone technology. Including:

  • Discovery Workshop and creation of Drone Integration Management Plan
  • Creation of strategic technology plans
  • Policy and procedure creation
  • Procurement processes and projects, both drone and counter-drone systems
  • Systems integration
  • Data collection, interpretation, analysis and management
  • Adoption models and pathways to RoI
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Stakeholder management
  • Conduct of pilot and / or proof of concept trials and programs
  • Creation of service provider panels
  • Creation of management systems and processes for the effective management of employees and/or contractors using drones in the workplace
  • Creation of documentation for submission as part of an application for a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate


Drone Induct

This is base level training designed for clients wishing to operate drones under the excluded category. We train our clients to deliver the training themselves. The course includes content from four modules of the Remote Pilot Licence course. The course is tailored to the operating environment of the client. There is an online component, and a practical component leading to a practical task assessment. The duration is about four hours online and half a day in practical training.

Remote Pilot Licence Training (RePL)

We are a Civil Aviation Safety Authority accredited Training Provider, as well as a Registered Training Organisation (No. 45181). For beginners, the RePL takes five to seven days to complete. There is an online component, an in-class and practical component, an in-class exam, and an online exam. Wherever possible, we train on client sites and adapt the course to the client’s operating environment.

Drone Safety for Managers

This is training for people responsible for the workplaces in and around which drones will be used. The course covers the legal and regulatory requirements for using drones, considerations for the integrations of the technology into workplaces, and client-specific matters pertaining to their operating environment. For onboarding clients, the course includes training in the operation of the client’s policies and procedures around drone technology. For new clients, the course includes a suite of instruments (eg. Checklists, documentation) that can be used to manage the use of drones in a workplace.

Chief Pilot Mentoring Program

A key part of attaining a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate is having a skilled and knowledgeable Chief Pilot in place. This program is usually conducted over 12 weeks and involves a highly experienced and knowledgeable Chief Pilot guiding and mentoring the client’s nominated Chief Pilot into the role and working with them in a practical sense. Taking on the role of Chief Pilot can be daunting, and this program helps new Chief Pilots gain the knowledge and skills needed in a supportive environment.

Management Platform


This is an enterprise solution for the effective control and compliance of drone operations. The Dronesafe® management platform assists organisations to manage their drone operations in a safe and legal way, and provides auditable records of operations. The platform can be cloud-based or hosted and works on android and apple devices. Clients use the platform to manage their own, and contractor, drone operations.

Drone Test and Tag®

The Drone Test and Tag® system ensures all drones undergo proper servicing and maintenance at regular intervals. This is crucial to ensuring all drones are safe to use, and provides clients with a method of both measuring and extending the expected ‘life’ of their drones.


Contact details

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