IOR Petroleum Pty Ltd

IOR is a family-owned integrated supplier of fuels to regional, rural and remote Australia. From our humble beginnings in 1984 as a small oil refinery in the far western Queensland town of Eromanga, we’ve developed a strong connection to the heartbeat of regional Australia and her people from the bush to the beach.

We’re passionate about making sure our hard working customers can fuel up their equipment, fleet, and aircraft so they can keep going – and use our technology to reduce administration costs so they can keep growing.

Our approach is built on community and having the integrity to do the right thing. We are determined to push the bar, innovate, and continue to help, develop and grow Australian communities.

Contact details

99 Southgate Avenue, Cannon Hill  Qld  4170  |  PO Box 576, Cannon Hill  Qld  4170

P  07 3895 4444