QER Pty Ltd

Queensland Energy Resources (QER) is an Australian company seeking to address looming shortfalls of conventional transport fuel through sustainable development of Queensland’s rich and well-located kerogen shale resources.QER logo

Based in Brisbane, QER has tenements over Australia’s largest kerogen deposits, which contain the equivalent of 18 billion barrels of oil. The deposits are well-suited to producing heavy transport fuels – in particular, diesel and aviation fuel. This resource could help offset Australia’s growing reliance on foreign oil reserves. Some 90% of Australia’s diesel for example, is now derived from imports.

QER selected the ParahoTM ‘surface retorting’ technology to develop the deposits, based on its clean, stable, consistent and reliable operating performance. The company then successfully built and operated a $100m+ Paraho II™ technology demonstration plant near Gladstone in Queensland.

The rock is mined in a conventional open cut operation and then heated in a fully contained processing plant to produce synthetic oil, which is refined into fuel products. QER’s process incorporates technologies to clean up and recycle gas and water produced in the process and a commercial mine would be progressively filled and revegetated, minimising the environmental footprint of the operation.

QER’s demonstration plant produced ultra-low sulphur diesel for engine and road trials, and 15,000 litres of aviation fuel for testing and certification. Testing is now completed and the finished fuels met the strict Australian and European retail fuel quality and emissions standards.

The plant importantly showed that quality fuel can be successfully produced from Queensland’s kerogen deposits in a sustainable way. It operated for over two years within its strict environmental licence limits, and environmental performance was audited by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

The company is now working on a proposal for a commercial plant located at the same site. Such a project will demonstrate a commercial scale processing unit which will be able to be replicated to unlock the State’s extensive kerogen resources and help secure Australia’s future fuel supplies.


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