Coal Minesite Rehabilitation Trust Fund 2019 Postgraduate Scholarships

Minesite Rehabilitation Scholarships

Applications for the 2019 Coal Minesite Rehabilitation Trust Fund Postgraduate Scholarships (Minesite Rehabilitation Scholarships) are now closed. Applications for 2020 scholarships will open in October 2019.


Application information for the 2019 scholarships:

  • Native ecosystem rehabilitation;
  • Rehabilitation of agricultural land;
  • Landform design, drainage and stability;
  • Water management impacts – surface and groundwater quantity and quality;
  • Mine closure aspects – post-mining land uses, including flexibility and consideration of options, as well as the utilisation of progressive rehabilitation; and
  • Residual risk assessment systems relative to rehabilitation sign-off.

Some example projects of current and past scholarship recipients include:

2019 Application Details

Applicants were required to submit a brief proposal (no more than 10 pages) aligned to one or more of the 2019 Research Priorities. It was mandatory that all proposals  be accompanied by a completed cover sheet.


NB a university was also able to submit a proposal, without an assigned student to the proposed project. More details on this can be found in the guideline document.


2019 Applications are now closed. 2020 scholarship applications will open October 2019.