Community Engagement

The resources sector understands that it has to work hard at all times to earn and retain its social licence to operate



Residents in regional Queensland generally feel a strong sense of connection to their local community. Theirs is a way of life that is distinct to regional communities, which is demonstrated through community spirit and lending support in times of need.


Resources companies embrace this desire for connection and become part of the community to effectively engage with the residents of regional Queensland.


In order to achieve this, QRC works with its member companies to:

  • understand the values of the local community
  • demonstrate commitment to preserving the values that are important to residents
  • undertake genuine community engagement
  • continually re-examine principles, behaviours, culture and engagement processes to ensure that a connection between the company and the community is achieved.

The Queensland resources sector works to support the community in which it operates through five best practice principles.


The tested principles include:

  • communication: engaging all stakeholders and community members in open two-way communication, via multiple channels
  • integrity & transparency: clearly outlining objectives, expectations and processes as well as providing a high level of accuracy in communication
  • follow through: keeping the community informed of progress and changes and ensuring promises are followed through
  • understanding & awareness: understanding the issues that are important to local community and addressing impacts with a long-term view
  • respect: recognising that respect is reciprocal