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Queensland’s resources sector provides a wide range of employment and will always require highly trained and skilled people

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The resources sector employs tens of thousands of Queenslanders. Career opportunities go well beyond just working in a mine pit, the sector employs environmental scientists, geologists, HR and IT personnel, machine operators, health and safety officers, engineers and tradespersons.


To this end, the QRC has a number of initiatives and strategies in place to ensure the sector has ready access to the skilled people it requires.


QRC’s initiatives span the talent pipeline and include schools’ engagement, careers programs, university engagement and a broad skills policy capability.



Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy

The QMEA is Australia’s largest and most successful industry led schools’ partnership.

The partnership between the Queensland resources sector represented by the Queensland Resources Council and the Queensland Government provides a mechanism for resources companies to participate in genuine industry/education engagement.


The QMEA has been in operation for more than a decade and through its highly specialised team offers a range of experiences to:

  • broaden student and teacher knowledge of the resources sector and supporting industries and their contributions to Queensland
  • provide a skills pipeline for both professional and trade students into the resources sector and other related science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) industries
  • encourage greater gender and cultural diversity participation in all events
  • facilitate industry integration into the classroom through contextualised learning and teaching to attract more students into STEM subjects and careers
  • support the teaching profession through the provision of current, industry relevant curriculum specific teacher professional development and related STEM experiences
  • prepare students and teachers for the challenges in an automated future

Interested in becoming part of this successful industry and education partnership?





OresomeResources is a collaborative educational initiative supported by the minerals and energy industry in Australia.


This collaboration is represented by the Queensland Resources Council, Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia, Minerals Council of Australia (MCA), MCA Victoria Division, MCA Northern Territory Division, NSW Minerals Council, South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy and the Tasmanian Minerals Council.


To support teachers and students in the teaching and learning of the minerals and energy industry the collaboration has developed or sourced hundreds of educational resources.


These resources can be accessed online by all interested web users at no cost for educational purposes only.


The resources are aligned to the Australian curriculum and can be utilised to support its implementation.


They have been developed by teachers for teachers to provide syllabus support to the key learning areas of Science, Maths, Technology and the Social Sciences.




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