Energy and Innovation

QRC and its members are committed to working together to achieve energy security while taking proactive steps towards a low-emissions economy



To meet growing future energy needs, coal and gas will have a very important role within the energy mix, alongside renewable technology. QRC works alongside its member companies to strike a balance between:

  • sustaining economic growth
  • the need for affordable energy
  • the global challenge of carbon reduction practices.

The Australian coal industry has already invested heavily in innovative energy initiatives such as carbon capture and storage (CCS). Importantly this technology is also applicable to gas-fired generation.


Policies to reduce greenhouse gases must encourage companies to decrease emissions, while not compromising competitiveness. In the increasingly global market for resources, Australia’s international competitiveness is eroded when QRC members face with carbon costs that aren’t imposed in other jurisdictions.


QRC supports strong government consultation on long-term, equitable and stable legislation and administrative frameworks. The QRC, with other peak minerals associations, has agreed to a set of overriding principles that should guide government when developing future low-emissions policies.

NEM Watch: live energy mix

See in real-time, for each region of Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM), how much electricity is being generated by each fuel type

NEM Watch: live energy mix