Queensland is a highly prospective exploration province, endowed with abundant deposits of minerals, petroleum and gas

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Queensland’s North West Minerals Province is recognised as one of the world’s most highly mineralised areas, with the Bowen and Surat Basins also being highly productive regions for coal and gas.  Cape York has some of the world’s most productive bauxite deposits.


The paradox is that while Queensland boasts a rich tradition of exploration success, much of the state remains unexplored with the latest exploration technologies. Exploration is a high-risk business, which needs to be supported by strong fundamentals—detailed pre-competitive geosciences and policy certainty.



Queensland Exploration Council

QRC established the Queensland Exploration Council, a multi-sectoral group chaired by retired Queensland Deputy Coordinator-General, Dr Geoff Dickie.


QEC was been formed to promote minerals and energy exploration in Queensland with the aim of positioning the state as an exploration leader by 2020 with Brisbane at its heart.