Health and Safety

The safety of workers is the Queensland resources sector’s number one priority

health and safety


The Queensland resources sector’s number one priority is the wellbeing of its workforce. QRC works hard to assist its members to create an environment that allows all workers to attend work and to return home safe and well. An important component of the industry’s social licence to operate is the safety and health of workers.


The resource industry has a wealth of knowledge and leadership in the area of safety and health. Through harnessing the expertise and leadership of its members, QRC strives to develop, inform and share best practice safety and health management across all facets of the resources sectors in Queensland. The QRC strongly believes that the best results will occur through industry collaboration.


In addition, a key role of the QRC is to advocate for legislation and regulation on behalf of its members that builds a positive safety culture and promotes a high level of safety performance. The QRC advocates for a risk-based regulatory approach to managing safety and health. The QRC aims to encourage decisions and actions based on quality risk assessment processes, rather than unnecessary prescription.


To explore the QRC’s work on health and safety policy matters, please refer to the areas below.