Queensland’s resources sector is a major wealth creator and regional employer that makes an important contribution to improved standards of living

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The long-term sustainability of the resources sector in Queensland requires a globally competitive system of outcomes-focused regulation.  QRC works to provide influential, evidence-based advocacy on regulatory and approval processes and also works closely with the State government to promote resources exploration in Queensland.


Queensland’s resource sector is committed to the world’s best social and environmental outcomes as part of securing industry’s social licence to operate. In return, the industry seeks investment certainty through timely and transparent approval processes, predictable access to land and effective regulatory requirements.


Strong investment in exploration is paramount to ensuring a bright future for Queensland’s resources sector. QRC established the Queensland Exploration Council (QEC) as a partnership between industry and government to promote continued investment in exploration.


Key QRC projects include tenure reforms for all commodities, a focus on globally competitive regime of taxes, charges and levies, auditing and streamlining reporting to government, analysing the industry’s annual economic contribution data, reforms to land access processes, promoting exploration and ensuring the new coal and CSG overlapping tenure framework meets industry requirements.


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