From pit to port, and from wellhead to LNG tanker, the resource industry’s supply chains can be complex and long


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Timely access to competitively-priced infrastructure services such as rail, water, port, energy, pipelines, roads, mobile and internet services are imperative to support industry growth.  The government’s planning and coordination of infrastructure is essential.


QRC works with member companies and government to secure efficient and predictable systems, regulation and administration.  Queensland, with its significant exports of energy and minerals is reliant on competitively priced economic infrastructure to deliver products to global and domestic markets.


In the view of QRC members, the following economic building blocks primarily underpin Queensland’s economic growth:

  • water infrastructure – supply and transmission
  • energy – generation and transmission of electricity and gas
  • transport – rail infrastructure, pipelines, airports and roads
  • export and import facilities – including port terminals and related activities.