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Queensland’s resource companies buy locally to reduce costs, to build supply chain capability, to access innovative solutions and to strengthen  local support for their project.

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Local companies are well positioned to supply the industry and there is a growing policy focus on working to increase the export potential of our home-grown mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector. In 2019-20, the Queensland resources sector spent $26.7 billion with suppliers located in Queensland. That means four in every five dollars of industry expenditure went to a business located in Queensland.

The Queensland Resources and Energy Sector Code of Practice for Local Content 2013 (the Code) is an industry-led initiative. Compliance with the voluntary Code is strongly encouraged among the membership of the QRC.


QRC is responsible for administering the Code, which encourages resource companies to:

  • implement the principle of ‘full, fair and reasonable’ opportunity for local suppliers to tender for work and supply the industry.
  • assist QRC in completing the annual Code Effectiveness Report
  • participate in an annual forum of resource and stakeholders where improvements to the code, company initiatives and associated commercial and government-funded programs will be discussed

QRC supports the Queensland Local Content Leader’s Network (QLCLN). The Network is a collective of regional local government, industry and economic development representatives from the Bowen, Galilee and Surate Basins.

The Queensland Local Content Leader’s Network (QLCLN) grew out of acknowledgment that while it can be a challenge for a single region to achieve strong local content outcomes, there is strenght in partnership. The QLCLN will be guided by the objectives and principles outlined in the Joint Statement of Commitment: Maximising Industry Local Content in Regional Queensland which provides a formal commitment from the twelve signatories to increase local participation.

To view the latest local content reports, access the Code and frequently asked questions select from the links below.