Local Content

Resources and energy companies buy locally to build supply chain value and to strengthen their social licence to operate.

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Queensland has a mature resources sector with local suppliers well positioned to meet demand.


The Queensland Resources and Energy Sector Code of Practice for Local Content 2013 (the Code) is an industry-led self-regulated initiative. Compliance with the Code is voluntary but strongly encouraged, particularly among the membership of the QRC.


QRC is responsible for administering the Code. Under the Code, resources and energy companies are encouraged to:

  • adopt the principle of ‘full, fair and reasonable’ opportunity for capable local industry to participate and the associated delivery framework
  • access the information about the Queensland Resources and Energy Sector Code of Practice for Local Content
  • complete a Code Industry Report (CIR) annually to assist the QRC in completing the annual Code Effectiveness Report
  • participate in an annual forum of resources and energy companies and stakeholders where improvements to the code, company initiatives and associated commercial and government-funded programs will be discussed
  • participate in the QRC’s Local Content Working Group.

To view the latest local content reports, access the Code and frequently asked questions select from the links below.

Resources and energy company representatives are encouraged to visit the QRC members-only section to access more information about the code.