Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

A QRC and Queensland Government partnership to increase Indigenous participation in the Queensland resources sector

Memorandum of Understanding Overview

2018 marked the tenth anniversary of a unique and far-sighted partnership between the Queensland Government and the resources industry, the Memorandum of Understanding to Increase Indigenous Participation in the Queensland Resources Sector (MoU).

The MoU underpins the Queensland Government and Queensland Resources Council’s commitment to work in partnership with each other and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, to create sustainable economic development through employment and business opportunities that will contribute to building strong Indigenous families and communities in Queensland.

This overriding objective of the MoU is achieved through joint government and industry efforts to enhance:

  • education and training to support Indigenous people into jobs and business opportunities in the resources sector;
  • employment of Indigenous people in the resources sector; and
  • participation by Indigenous businesses in resources sector supply chains.

The current term of the MoU (2018-19) is building on the work undertaken through the partnership over the last 10 years.

MoU Action Plan 2018-19

The MoU is implemented through  an agreed action plan containing key strategies and activities to support the partnership’s objectives.


Key deliverables under the MoU Action Plan 2018-19 include:

  • Convening workshops and forums with resource sector practitioners about leading practices in:
    • Indigenous employment and training;
    • procurement from Indigenous businesses;
    • building organisational cultural capability.
  • Facilitating regional working groups in North West Queensland and South East Queensland for resource sector practitioners and government agencies to share information and work on collaborative projects to increase Indigenous participation within the sector;
  • Running events to support development of Indigenous businesses and Traditional Owner groups, such as ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, business skills programs and the ‘Traditional Owner Governance for Prosperity Program’; and
  • Encouraging better industry data collection to support reporting on Indigenous participation outcomes.

See below for some case examples of MoU activities:

  • Convening forums and workshops with resources sector Indigenous employment and training practitioners on best practices in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment, retention and career development;
  • Convening forums and workshops with resources sector procurement managers and staff of resource sector contractors to enhance Indigenous participation in supply chains through employment and business opportunities (with a particular focus on project owners’ procurement processes and contractors’ Indigenous Participation Plans);
  • Convening Meet the Buyer events where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses can connect directly with resources sector procurement managers;
  • Facilitating MoU Working Groups – convened for the purpose of collaborating on place-based and sector-based activities to enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in the resources sector;
  • Documenting and publicising good practices and achievements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in the resources sector;
  • Implementing and refining a strategy for data collection and analysis that will assist in the planning and implementation of activities to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in the resources industry;
  • Collaboration between the parties to develop and implement the “Jail to Jobs” initiative announced in the 2016 State Budget, with a particular focus on:
    • facilitating industry participation in the design of the project to ensure the model meets industry needs; and
    • brokering commitments from resource companies and contractors to provide ongoing employment for the 30 participants in the program; and
  • Further delivery of the Traditional Owner Governance and Development Program to Traditional Owner groups that have agreements with resource companies and are seeking to build their capacity for good governance and social and economic development.

Upcoming MoU Events

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Contact Details

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