Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

A QRC and Queensland Government partnership to increase Indigenous participation in the Queensland resources sector

Memorandum of Understanding Overview

2020 marks the twelfth anniversary of a unique and far-sighted partnership between the Queensland Government and the resources industry, the Memorandum of Understanding to Increase Indigenous Participation in the Queensland Resources Sector (the MoU).The inaugural agreement, signed on Yarrabah country east of Cairns, recognised the resources sector is uniquely placed to make a significant socio-economic contribution to Indigenous people and communities.

The MoU underpins the Queensland Government and Queensland Resources Council’s commitment to work in partnership with each other and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, to create sustainable economic development through employment and business opportunities that will contribute to building strong Indigenous families and communities in Queensland.

This overriding objective of the MoU is achieved through joint government and industry efforts to enhance:

  • education and training to support Indigenous people into jobs and business opportunities in the resources sector;
  • employment of Indigenous people in the resources sector; and
  • participation by Indigenous businesses in resources sector supply chains.

The current term of the MoU (2019-22) is building on the work undertaken through the partnership over the last 12 years.

MoU Action Plan 2019-20

The MoU is implemented through an agreed action plan containing key strategies and activities to support the partnership’s objectives.

The MoU is underpinned by a monitoring and evaluation framework and impact survey to understand how the partnership supports increased Indigenous participation within the Queensland resources sector.

Key deliverables under the MoU Action Plan 2019-20 include:

  • Convening workshops and forums with resource sector practitioners about leading practices in:
    • Indigenous employment and training;
    • procurement from Indigenous businesses;
    • building organisational cultural capability.
  • Facilitating regional working groups in North West Queensland and South East Queensland for resource sector practitioners and government agencies to share information and work on collaborative projects to increase Indigenous participation within the sector;
  • Running events to support development of Indigenous businesses and Traditional Owner groups, such as ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, business skills programs and the ‘Traditional Owner Governance for Prosperity Program’; and
  • Encouraging better industry data collection to support reporting on Indigenous participation outcomes.

Contact Details

For further information about MoU projects, activities and events, please login as a member or contact the MoU Partnership Facilitators by clicking on the links below:


Michael Limerick | MoU Parnership Facilitator  Email 



Mel Sutton | MoU Parnership Co-Facilitator  Email