Pricing Carbon

QRC is a source of essential information about the former Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future legislation and the implications for Queensland’s minerals and energy sector.

  • background
  • QRC’s 2011 position on carbon pricing



On 10 July 2011 then Prime Minister Gillard announced that the Australian Government would move to encourage a reduction in the country’s greenhouse gas emissions under the broad mantle of a ‘carbon price’. The preferred mechanism is a fixed carbon price (or tax) for three-five years before transitioning to an emissions trading scheme (ETS) starting 1 July 2012.


On 27 September 2011 the QRC urged federal and state parliamentarians to heed the warning of the impact of the proposed carbon tax on the economy and the resources sector.

QRC's 2011 position on carbon pricing


The QRC and its members are committed to striking a balance between taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while sustaining economic growth and maintaining access to reliable and affordable energy.

The QRC and the minerals sector believe a measured transition to a low-emissions global economy will require the alignment of three key policy pillars:

  • a global agreement for greenhouse gas emission abatement that includes emissions reduction commitments from all major emitting nations
  • market-based policy measures that promote the abatement of greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest cost, while minimising adverse social and economic impacts, including on the competitiveness of the internationally-traded sector
  • substantial investment in a broad range of low emissions technologies and adaptation measures.