Projects and Issues

QRC, its member companies and stakeholders work collaboratively to mitigate risks and continually build positive safety cultures

QRC Health and Safety Committee


The Health and Safety Standing Committee was established by the Board of the QRC. The Committee provides advice and leadership on strategic health and safety issues and activities.


The role of the Committee is to:

  • identify and analyse strategic health and safety risks and opportunities
  • develop and recommend health and safety strategies
  • provide regular reports to the QRC Board on health and safety matters
  • engage government on high level health and safety industry issues


From time to time, the Health and Safety Committee will establish working groups to address health and safety issues as needed.


The issues dealt with by the working groups include topics such as,

  • legislative reform
  • fitness for work
  • mobile equipment interactions

Coal Worker Pneumoconiosis


Coal worker pneumoconiosis is an occupational lung disease that results from the cumulative, long term exposure to fine airborne coal dust.


The industry was shocked by the news of confirmed coal worker pneumoconiosis cases in Queensland in late 2015, as it was thought to have been eradicated decades ago.


Health and safety is the sector’s top priority and the QRC is working closely with government and its members on the issue.