Resourceful Women

The QRC works with companies and individuals to champion gender diversity in the resources sector

The Queensland Resources Council’s Women in Resources Action Plan (WRAP) was adopted by the QRC Board 2006 to increase the proportion of women in the resources sector, particularly in ‘non-traditional’ areas of employment such as engineering, geology, operators and trades.

Since then the proportion of women in the sector in Queensland has grown from 6 percent to almost 20 percent, and 14 percent in ‘non-traditional’ roles. Over the past 12 months there’s also been a three percent jump in the number of women employed in resources, which is our largest ever annual increase and shows the industry is moving in the right direction.

WRAP incorporates the annual Resources Awards for Women presented at QRC’s annual International Women’s Day Breakfast, produced in collaboration with Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ). WIMARQ is a reference group to the QRC on diversity and inclusion issues.

The awards recognise achievements in seven categories:

  • Exceptional Woman in Queensland Resources
  • Exceptional Young Woman in Queensland Resources
  • Exceptional Trade/Technician/Operator in Queensland Resources
  • Exceptional Woman in Queensland Resources Technological Innovation
  • Gender Diversity Champion in Queensland Resources (open to men and women)
  • Exceptional Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) student
  • Excellence in Diversity Programs and Performance for QRC member companies

QRC works closely with WIMARQ, a voluntary not-for-profit group to actively engage women in the sector.

The QRC was integral to other states and territories introducing state-based awards and initiated the Women in Resources National Awards (WIRNA), the first of which was held in Brisbane in 2014. Since then the WIRNAs have been conducted in Perth, Adelaide Launceston, Sydney and Canberra with the 2020 awards returning to Canberra hosted by the Minerals Council of Australia.


Women in Mining and Resources Queensland

WIMARQ is a group of volunteers who organise opportunities for the mentoring, support and encouragement to women who are working in, studying for or taking a break from the minerals and energy sectors. WIMARQ recognises companies and individuals who champion gender diversity and make available information to inform our members about gender diversity issues, strategies and statistics through the annual Resources Awards for Women.

Women and men from all sections of the sector are warmly welcomed to attend our events, which are held in Brisbane and regional locations. Check out our Facebook and LinkedIn groups to keep up to date. If you’re interested in hosting a WIMARQ event or getting a group going in your area, please contact us for assistance. Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ) is a reference group to the Queensland Resources Council.


WIMARQ’s website can be found here:

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WIMARQ's signature initiatives include:

QRC/WIMARQ Mentoring Program

The aim of the QRC/WIMARQ Mentoring Program is to provide a structured, sustainable mentoring process that supports mentees through career guidance and direction by sharing mentor/mentee experiences, developing goals and forging exceptional mentoring relationships beyond the program’s duration.

The QRC/WIMARQ Mentoring Program is the first of its kind in Queensland and was created in response to identified demand for formal mentoring for women working in Queensland’s minerals and energy sectors, and as a way to improve retention and progression of women in these sectors.

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QMEA Engagement

QRC and WIMARQ also work closely with the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) to encourage girls onto trade and professional pathways in the 60 QMEA schools across Queensland.

An initiative introduced in 2019 is the QRC/WIMARQ/QMEA Girls Mentoring Program, which is funded by the Queensland Government and QRC members.

It’s an extension of the highly-successful QRC/WIMARQ Women’s Mentoring program which began in 2013.

For pictures of the 2020 Girls Mentoring program launch, click here.


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