Our Team

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Ian Macfarlane

Chief Executive

Judy Bertram

Deputy Chief Executive/ Policy Director, Community & Safety

Lianne Ede

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive

Glenn Buckner

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Kim

Corporate Services Accountant

Anita Morgan

Corporate Services Accountant

Maria Johnson

Corporate/IT Support Officer

Nathan Binge

Corporate Support Officer

Paul Goldsbrough

Contractor, Health & Safety

Andrew Barger

Policy Director, Economics

Tom Cunningham

Assistant Policy Director, Economics

Frances Hayter

Policy Director, Environment

Chelsea Kavanagh

Assistant Policy Director, Environment

Katie-Anne Mulder

Policy Director, Resources

Anna Wright

Policy Advisor, Resources

Kylie Barron

Policy Director, Industry Development Strategy

Rachel Stewart

Policy Director, Media & Communications

Louise Stubberfield

Manager, Membership & Events

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