Central Queensland Industry Collaborative

Who are we?
We are a group of businesses and organisations dedicated to boosting economic growth in the region. We are unincorporated, and with Collaborative in our title, to underline that any business or organisation is free to join if they share our vision and wish to work with us.

What do we want
We see the potential of the CQ region and want more coal royalties returned to the region as a critical factor in supporting this growth potential.
We want economic development and sustainability through a pipeline of funded government projects for our region that provide sustainable positive legacies for our communities.

What have we done to date?
We have facilitated a series of workshops with businesses, other economic development organisations and Councils that identified two main issues as critical to continued sustainable growth:

• Raising the capability of local businesses so that prime contractors do not automatically assume that there is insufficient local capability for their projects and preference suppliers from out of town
• Identifying key, future major projects that will contribute to sustainable growth

o There is nothing on the books post Ring Road
o Need to build on our strengths by expanding existing industries
o And contribute to sustainability by diversifying into new areas

What do we need to consider?
All the factors and issues mentioned above are interconnected. This makes sequencing actions all the more critical. Major trends that will inform any activities are:

• Ageing population
• Increased recognition of the lifestyle advantages of this – and other – regions of Australia
o Evidenced by population growth
• Localisation/onshoring of industries and capability post pandemic
• The Affordable Housing Crisis

What are the possible target industries?
Strengthen existing

• Agribusiness and food processing
• Tourism (especially Great Keppel Island)
• Defence and defence support

Diversify into new

• Content production for movies, TV and online
• Logistics
• Renewable energy

What are the next steps?
Obtain recognition of CQIC:

• Formalise partnerships with other organisations including Advance Rockhampton, Capricorn Enterprise, Capricornia Chamber of Commerce, Queensland Resources Council, others
• Identify the major infrastructure and other projects needed in our communities that could provide regional economic development, growth, diversity and sustainability over the next 15 to 20 years
• Identify the major supply chains required to deliver those major projects identified form within our regional businesses and communities and build that capability and capacity.
• Advocate for capability statements at local/regional level (ie ensure all businesses have quality capability statements and that these are readily accessible by LGA
• As an organisation, liaise more closely with all levels of government
• Actively advocate for more royalty revenue to be returned to the region
• Obtain funding to assist businesses including website development, ISO accreditation, Contractor Management
• Continue to raise business awareness of the need to continually raise capability and to recognise the role of CQIC
• Consider need for incorporation at an appropriate time.


Contact details

PO Box 8318, Allenstown  Qld  4702