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QRC is a not-for-profit peak industry association representing the commercial developers of Queensland’s minerals and energy resources.

Why Join?

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) is recognised on all sides of politics, in the media and amongst other industry groups for its effective, non-partisan advocacy of a sector-wide agenda that underlines the critical contribution that minerals and energy production makes to the state and the nation.

Who can join?

Any organisation or person with an interest in Queensland’s minerals and energy sector may apply for membership under the following categories.

  • Full membership |  is open, but not limited, to companies engaged in exploration, development, production or processing of mineral resources, coal seam gas, oil and gas and electricity
  • Service membership  |  is open to any company or person supplying goods, services or processes to the resources sector.
  • Associate membership  |  is open to any self-employed individual whose business activities are directly or indirectly connected with the resources sector.  This individual shall not include a person who is a proprietor of a firm who is in partnership with or employs others.

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