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Earthtrade is the leading environmental market solutions specialist in Australia. Assisting both developers and landholders to reach commercial agreement and provide a solution that achieves regulatory acceptance. Earthtrade provides advice, financial assessment, contractual negotiations and securing, regulatory approvals, management, implementation and monitoring and reporting. at earthtrade we provide these services across all legislated environmental markets in Australia including:

  • Biodiversity offsets required by Australian, State and local governments
  • National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting Act requirements including the Safeguard Mechanism
  • The Reef Credit Scheme, nitrogen and sediment offsets Corporate and Taskforce For Nature-related Financial Disclosure requirements

As part of these markets, earthtrade’s services include but are not limited to:

  • Project feasibility assessment and design
  • Property highest and best use assessment
  • Management plans for offset areas
  • Offsets required by Australian, State and local governments to meet Approval Conditions
  • Legally binding mechanisms on title to secure offsets
  • Management Plans for offset areas
  • Project design of offsets in consideration of other options for use of the property
  • Consideration of risk in strategy development
  • Facilitation of financial contracts
  • Structure of financial solutions
  • Structure of multi-party offset solutions
  • Property management solutions
  • Offset implementation
  • Offset monitoring and reporting

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