QRC recognises Matt Canavan’s commitment to resources jobs

  • Posted 04 February, 2020
  • Media Releases

4 February 2020

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has thanked Matt Canavan for his unrelenting support of the resources sector and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it creates.

QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said Senator Canavan’s decision to step down from the role would be a loss for the sector.

“Matt Canavan has been a passionate and unrelenting advocate of the resources sector,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“In particular, he has recognised how important the resources sector is to create jobs for regional Queenslanders and to support regional communities.

“In Queensland alone, the resources sector supports more than 372,000 jobs which are spread across every town and city.

“Matt Canavan is well known for his support of Queensland’s powerhouse commodities of coal and gas which provide energy to Australia and the world, as well as providing the building blocks for everything from modern cities to mobile phones.

“But Matt has also been just as passionate about the new opportunities in critical minerals and expanding markets, which will consolidate Queensland and Australia’s role as a resources superpower.

“We’d love to see Matt Canavan stay on in the role as Minister for Resources and Northern Australia.

“However, I know he will continue to support the resources sector as a major employer in his home of Central Queensland.

“Resources policy works best with the bipartisan support of the Federal Parliament and QRC also thanks Matt Canavan for his commitment to work with the Opposition on policies to strengthen the resources sector to benefit all Australians.

“QRC looks forward to working with the new Minister and the Australian Government to continue to develop policies that keep the resources sector strong.”

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