QRC statement on coal royalty legislation

  • Posted 23 May, 2024
  • Media Releases

It is disappointing the State Government is using Queensland’s biggest and most important export industry to play political games.

This legislation achieves nothing for Queenslanders, except to make our state even less competitive when it comes to attracting investment in the new resources projects that will drive future jobs and economic benefits. It’s not just coal but all Queensland commodities, including critical minerals.

The State Government needs to focus on getting the right policy settings to re-establish Queensland’s reputation as a stable and reliable place to invest.

The legislation announced by the Government sends a very negative message to the international investment community.

Once again, we have seen the Queensland Government make a significant change affecting the resources sector without any notification to, or consultation with, the industry.

Queensland’s resources sector was worth nearly $117 billion and supported more than 530,000 jobs last year and is too important to our state to be caught up in political opportunism.

The industry is especially important to regional communities as a major employer and supports local economies across Queensland.

The resources sector has always been willing to pay its fair share, but we need a royalties system that is fair and balanced for all parties and promotes future investment in Queensland.

A healthy and strong resources sector is the best way to ensure the industry can support all Queenslanders in the years and decades ahead.

The QRC is willing to work with all sides of politics to achieve the best outcomes for the industry and for Queensland.

Media Contact: Matt Dunstan – [email protected]