QRC supports release of Lake Eyre Basin RIS

  • Posted 07 March, 2023
  • Media Releases

7 March 2023

The Queensland Resources Council supports the release of the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for the management of the Lake Eyre Basin to provide certainty for all industry stakeholders and to move the process forward.

The QRC maintains its position that the current regulatory framework is already sufficiently robust to assess all applications and mitigate risks to the Basin.

The QRC expects the CRIS puts forward genuine options for the on-going management of the LEB and doesn’t simply contain a predetermined position to allow for the banning any particular industry.

The region has great potential to deliver economic and social benefits to Queensland from the sustainable development of critical minerals, gas, and conventional minerals.

As has been shown elsewhere in the state, the potential can be realised while also providing good management of the area through appropriate regulatory frameworks.

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