QRC urges Queenslanders to vote for COVID-19 recovery – jobs first, Greens last

  • Posted 05 October, 2020
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5 October 2020

The Queensland Resources Council is urging voters at this month’s state election to back a strong economic recovery post-COVID by putting job security first and the Greens last on their ballot paper.

With COVID-19 predicted to put tens of thousands more Queenslanders out of work and unemployment expected to peak at 9 per cent, QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said it was vital for people to vote for candidates who support the resources sector and the jobs it creates.

“Now is not the time to risk a single job in Queensland by voting for the Greens or by putting them anywhere but last on your ballot paper,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“The Greens have made it clear they are against new mining projects and want to put an end to the existing mining and gas industry, terminate existing mining leases in the Galilee Basin, and increase royalty taxes on resources, effectively stopping future jobs being created.

“The Greens want to shut the resources sector down and put hundreds of thousands of people and almost 15,000 small businesses out of work.”

The QRC today launched a campaign to urge voters to put their job first and vote the Greens last.

Mr Macfarlane said it was time for voters to “plan for the worst and hope for the best” by making job security and Queensland’s financial stability top priority at the October 31 election.

“Make no mistake, there are grim times ahead for many people and businesses in Queensland because of COVID-19. No industry is immune, including the resources sector, and none of us know how much longer this pandemic will affect the global economy.”

Mr Macfarlane said if people want to protect their job and keep the Queensland economy strong, they need to put the Greens last on their ballot paper so they don’t unintentionally vote in a minority government controlled by the Greens.

“If the Greens get into a position of influence in Queensland, it will be a disaster for the resources industry and for the 372,000 people employed in our sector and the 14,400 businesses that depend on us.

“The Greens also want to shut down jobs in farming, tourism, forestry and fishing which are all essential industries for post-COVID recovery and job-creation, particularly in regional Queensland.”

Mr Macfarlane said the QRC will work constructively with whoever wins government to ensure the mining and gas industry continues to be in a position to underpin the state economy.

“We’re extremely lucky to live in such a resource-rich state, so we’re asking voters not to jeopardise our strong position compared to other states and countries by supporting a party or a person that doesn’t support Queensland’s number one export industry,” he said.

“Without mining and gas holding up the state economy right now, Queensland would be in dire financial straits. The Greens’ anti-mining and anti-gas policy will end up costing Queensland jobs and money that we can’t afford to lose.”

Queensland’s resources industry contributed $63 billion in export dollars to the state economy last year and $5.3 billion in royalty taxes to help fund government services such as nurses, doctors, teachers, roads, schools and hospital and health facilities throughout the state.


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Authorised by Ian Macfarlane, QRC, 133 Mary Street, Brisbane Q 4000