QRC welcomes Federal Government’s Plan for Growth in the North

  • Posted 06 May, 2021
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6 May 2021

Photo  |  QRC Chief Executive, Ian Macfarlane

Federal Government media release 

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the announcement from Federal Minister Keith Pitt of a new five-year, $190 million investment plan for Northern Australia.


QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said North Queensland, and in particular the North West region centred on Mount Isa, would be a focus area for growth in Queensland.


“North Queensland is home to the North West Minerals Province, which has great prospects in a number of critical and new economy minerals such as vanadium, cobalt, tungsten and scandium,” Mr Macfarlane said.


“The QRC will make the case for the Townsville to Mount Isa region to be included as one of the areas in the pilot Regions of Growth approach that Minister Pitt has announced today.


“The Premier has said that the North West region has an estimated half a trillion dollars in new economy minerals which are needed for renewable energy infrastructure and technologies, which represents a multi-generation growth opportunity for Queensland.


“Given the economic significance of North Queensland, it is important governments do the hard yards for planning that will attract the most investment and return the best value to Queenslanders.


“The Australian Government’s proactive approach to identify regions of growth, along with the Palaszczuk Government’s Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan, can work in tandem to deliver targeted and valuable investments that provide the infrastructure and impetus to unlock the North and deliver for local communities.


“The development of the North West Minerals Province and the strengthening of the region are key objectives of the Palaszczuk Government’s partnership with QRC for a Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan.


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