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Organisation leadership, strategy and governance

The leadership team, ranging from executives down to supervisors, actively shapes the organisational culture through their own positive examples, clear communication of expectations and swift handling of inappropriate conduct. 


Governance practices, policies and workplace initiatives create a shared understanding of endorsed behaviours¹. Effective governance in ethics, risk management, compliance, and administration supports a workplace culture aligned with organisational objectives.


Strategy, as an action plan for organisational goals, enhances understanding of internal dynamics and informs actions for meaningful change when developed for workplace culture and behavioural change².

Factsheets and case studies

UNLEASHED Leadership Program | Kestrel Coal

In a 12-month program, Kestrel Coal enhanced the leadership skills of nearly one-third of its workforce, fostering confidence and promoting a psychologically safe workplace. This initiative supports Kestrel's commitment to cultivating an above-the-line culture, equipping participants with tools for open and safe conversations to establish a workplace culture of trust and respect, intolerant of inappropriate behaviours.
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Respectful Workplace Officers | Thiess

Taking respect globally, Thiess has an active pool of certified Respectful Workplace Officers (RWO) who are committed to cultural change across the organisation in creating a healthy, safe and respectful workplace for all.
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