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Psychological safety

Companies are legislatively required to safeguard workers from health and safety risks, including behavioural issues like sexual harassment, bullying, victimisation, discrimination, violence, aggression and racism. Behavioural problems may signal a stressed workplace culture and a lack of psychological safety.


Psychological safety in a workplace is a shared belief that allows members to take interpersonal risks, such as speaking up, sharing feedback, and challenging the status quo, without fear of victimisation.¹


The degree of psychological safety influences workplace culture, trust levels between workers and managers, the likelihood of speaking up, and the effectiveness of systems, processes and programs in addressing these issues for comprehensive change.

Factsheets and case studies

QRC Factsheet: What is Psychological Safety?

Psychological safety is about creating a workplace culture where individuals can speak up, raise concerns and/or seek help, to enable risks to be appropriately managed.
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QRC Member case study – Arrow Energy

Crafting Comprehensive Guidelines for Enhancing Psychological Well-being and Safety at Camps
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