Our industry is well positioned to keep doing the heavy lifting for the state economy, but we need the next Queensland Government to be ready to work hand-in-hand with our coal, metals and gas companies to bring new projects and new jobs online as a top priority”

On behalf of our members and the 372,000 Queensland men and women who work in or as a result of the resources sector, the QRC has sought support from all Queensland candidates for our industry, the contribution it makes to the State’s economic wellbeing and our recovery from COVID-19.

Before Queenslanders vote, we asked candidates to respond to a short survey on the key challenges and opportunities for the resources sector and our State, notifying them of the intent to publish their responses on our website.

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Queensland's resources sector and the State Government

QRC is calling on the next Queensland Government to implement a whole-of-government approach to the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan (click here to view), for the exploration, coal, metals and petroleum and gas sectors. The plan contains key elements designed to stimulate investment in and ensure the competitiveness of Queensland’s resources sector leading to more jobs, increased trade and royalties and driving economic recovery for all Queenslanders.


Protect Your Job

The Queensland candidate survey and publishing of responses is part of QRC’s Protect Your Job campaign.

QRC’s Protect Your Job campaign urges Queenslanders to vote for candidates in the State election who recognise the importance of resources’ jobs and the value of the mining and gas industry to the State’s economy.

QRC’s campaign includes radio ads, digital banners, a flyer and a billboard to reach voters in targeted Queensland seats.

When people go to vote on 31 October, we are asking them to remember the hundreds of thousands of Queensland men and women who work very hard to produce all these commodities and to service the needs of the resources industry. Their hard work benefits every single Queenslander through royalty taxes, export earnings, job and business opportunities.

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Discover more about Queensland's resources industry

Across 2019-20, the resources industry contributed a record $82.6 billion to the State’s economy and supported 420,000 full-time jobs. That’s 50,000 extra jobs created by the sector over the last financial year. The number of Queensland businesses directly supported by mining, gas and energy companies rose by 5% since June last year from 14,400 to reach 15,199, with companies reporting a 19% increase in spending during this period. 

This information is gathered primarily from QRC’s annual Economic Contribution data collection. Each year, QRC collects a full year of confidential industry spending data and an independent expert then completes detailed economic models based on this data. This resource industry data allows us to track spending to the postcode level and show exactly how that benefits every corner of Queensland.

To find out more about the resources sector’s contribution to Queensland or to your state electorate in 2019-20, see below.


Authorised by Ian Macfarlane, QRC, 133 Mary Street, Brisbane Q 4000